Alsace village on the wine road in France

The Alsace Travel Guide 

If you are just getting started thinking about an Alsace vacation, you'll get so many questions  answered (and a few you haven't even thought about yet).

And by locals who are living and working in the exact areas you probably want to visit.

So we know all the dirty secrets...well...they're not that dirty...

Just honest information.  The kind you need when you're trying to plan a trip (or thinking about planning a trip).

Alsace airport in France

How to Travel to Alsace by Plane

Next step, how are you going to get to Alsace?

You could come directly to Alsace by airplane. Easy.  Straightforward.  Simple.

And you'll find what you need to know to decide if flying directly to Alsace is right for you.

Alsace village train station in France

How to Travel to Alsace by Train

Maybe you want to fly into a different part of France or a different part of Europe first.

How can you get to Alsace from another part of France or Europe?

Usually the train is the first idea that pops into your mind.

And the train may be the perfect solution for you. Or it could be the worst one. It really depends on who you are traveling with and where you are.

Get the best advice for how to travel to Alsace once you are in Europe.

Small Alsace village in France

Where to Stay in Alsace 

You have options...lots of places to stay in Alsace.

Villages. Small towns. Large towns. And Cities.

Although we have more small villages and small towns than anything.

Alsace villages in France
Alsace village window
Alsace Towns in France
Alsace restaurant table in France
Alsace food

What to Eat in Alsace

What do people in Alsace eat?

What is Alsace food?

Not the touristy stuff...the real foods that locals love to eat. The foods that we've been eating for hundreds of years.

How to navigate a restaurant menu (written in French or Alsatian) here in Alsace.

What to expect in restaurants here.

So you'll be better prepared when you arrive in Alsace.

Alsace white wine in glasses

What to Drink in Alsace

Alsace has a wine region, so you might want to know more about what Alsace wine is.

We love our wines here (and our best ones are not always easy to find where you live). 

And if wine's not your thing, no problem. 

There are plenty of other liquids to drink here (both alcoholic and not so alcoholic).

Although you may be surprised about some of the "differences" here when it comes to drinks.

Old houses in an Alsace village in France
World War One soldiers in Alsace

What to Know about Alsace 

The MOST important part of your Alsace vacation!

Discovering what Alsace is all about.  What's with all those weird long Germanic village names anyway?

Looking at all the adorable historic buildings overflowing with flowers. It's amazing. But there's more to Alsace than souvenir shops, cute villages and eclairs.

Alsace has a few thousand years of history (that we know of).

Hilarious silly squabbles, massacres, weird traditions, world wars, deadly diseases, quirky beliefs.

Your vacation needs these stories.

Whether you're a hard core history geek or just love learning about different cultures, Alsace has something for you.